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Tk Poultrys Page

By TK Poultry · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. TK Poultry
    Ok so I admit it has been brought to my attention that my BYC page is a little out dated. I have to admit I'd completely forgotten about this before now! HAHA!
    About Us
    We have a very small hobby farm in Central Indiana home to chickens, ducks, pigeons, a Russian Blue cat named Jingles, and a Brittany named Maci. I myself am very active in 4H and poultry shows around the area. I am now only breeding and furthering the Ameraucana breed which is my passion. We currently have Brown Red (which is my personal favorite variety), Lavender, Blue, Black, and Silver (which may be up for dispersion). We also have Mallard ducks, Call ducks, and Homer Pigeons, but our main focus is our Ameraucanas.

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