Hi My name is Terry and I am new to chicken raising. I am co-owner with a friend who has some acreage and that is where our chickens are.
We live in New Braunfels Texas which is in the Texas Hillcountry between Austin and San Antonio.
Here are some pics of our coop and our flock. I need to update my pics of the flock they are now about 16 weeks old and we are waiting for our first eggs.
Also our Roo was killed by what we think was a skunk and then another supposed hen turned out to be a Roo. I also think we may have 2 more that are roos but we will have to wait and see if they start to crow. All together we have 13 chickens.
Update: 7-28-09 We now have 12 chickens. Something got one of our RIR. We didnot find feathers or the carcass but we did see ringtail crossing the road a day later. Traps are set but so far nothing.