[FONT=georgia,palatino]The first time I mentioned raising chickens my wife politely ignored me[/FONT], probably hoping this was another of my pie-in-the-sky dreams that would never actually get off the ground. But after a couple of good books on the subject, talking to some friends who also raised chickens, and a few YouTube videos on the horrors of the current poultry industry, I was determined to make it work. Some internet searches landed me, among other places, right here at BYC and I was competely enamoured with the plethora of cool designs ranging from the Clampetts to the Trumps in style.
So I printed off a couple dozen of my favorites and began designing my own.
Here are the first rough plans I drew up, but as you'll see, the finished product only vaguely resembles them. One of these days I'll draw up a better set that actually looks like the finished product.