Hi, My name is Todd and live in North Western PA. Just recently got into chickens, wife tells me I am going through a Mid-Life Crisis.. works for me!!
I am happily married with a 10 year old daughter.
So far we have four 6 week old silkie chicks (Beonka, Forest, Foster, and Leaf) and just hatched out five more silkies on 7-29-10.(Kramer, Eve (first hatched), and three not named yet.)
Just moved our first four silkies into their coop on 8/15/10, they seem very confused and lost at the moment... they will get used to their new home.
Check out my new photos of my coop and our oldest silkies..
I started my coop on April 10,2010... took way too long... I still need a few finishing touches but my wife insisted I get them out of our garage.. I don't blame her, it got kinda stinky