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Tomgallopavos Member Page

  1. TomGallopavo
    Finally after reading many articles, books, and lurking around here we have (almost) finished the coop. It is designed for 10 or 12 chickens (8 x 8), maybe one being a rooster. It took us about four weekends to finish.
    Here is the front...

    Here is the nest box access...

    Here is the East side...

    Here is the South side...

    Here is the West side that takes the brunt of the Missouri summer...

    The roost...

    The nest boxes...

    The pop door...

    It still needs some finishing touches like hard wire with frames over the windows and screen door, a storage shelf, and some way to close off the venting up top before winter. The pop door needs help, maybe auto when I get the electric run....we'll see. That can wait till I get the run finished...which is next. Thanks to all who I have stolen your ideas!

    Tom and Henrietta Gallopavo

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