October 9th, 2010-
Hi my name is Lori and this is our first year with chickens. My boyfriend Norm and I (now husband, married on July 10, 2010) bought a house on 1 1/4 acre last year and I decided I wanted some chickens this spring. Norm grumbled but said we could get a few. We argued back and forth before finally deciding on 6 as a good number to get. I did a lot of research and decided I wanted Barred Rocks. I sent Norm to the feed store (I was working when they came in) to get 6 barred rocks, and he came home with 4 black australorps, 4 welsummers and 2 golden sex links. I guess the BR's didn't come in and he said the chicks were so cute he couldn't help it.
Next week the feed store had cornish x's so we decided to get 4 of those to experiment with meat chickens.
Well two weeks later they finally got the BR's in, so of course I had to get a couple. I knew I should get 2 so they would have each other for company. I came home with 5.
Now I see how this "chicken math" works!! LOL!!!
Well, we ate the cornish x freaks of nature, and one of the australorps turned out to be a roo so we are now down to 14 chickens, don't you agree it is time to get some more????