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Too deep to back out: chicken obsessed

  1. PeckPeckChick
    This is the story of my chicken adventure.

    It all started when my mom arranged to buy 6 chickens from my friends 4H group. We were originally gonna get 3 BOs and 3 Ameraucanas. I did my research and realized I wanted a silkie. So I found a breeder and we picked up a silkie and a showgirl because we couldn't just have one and we didn't have the other chicks yet.
    Hera: silkie
    Medusa: showgirl
    Life was good.
    Until I realized that 4H carried silver laced wyandottes.
    So then goes the on going debate on what to get because we can only have 6.
    I decided on two BOs and two SLWs.
    Mary, Eden: SLW
    Cora, Anna: BOs
    Life again was good.
    Until I saw my friend's Ameraucana's puffy cheeks.
    So naturally I had to have one.
    So we picked one up at a local ranch.
    Meet Rose
    Then a hawk got Medusa and Eden :(
    So we picked up a bared rock and a red star from the ranch forgetting we were only allowed to have 6.
    Meet BR Sibil and RS Daisy
    Every body is happy and growing and currently at around 7 weeks
    More updates later :)

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