Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying Chickens

Very thoughtful article for those thinking about getting chickens
All good and valid points were made. I would personally add a bonus: that if you are a true chicken lover (this is inevitable once you start), it literally will make you loose sleep and shift your priorities. I literally spend every day at work saying how I can't wait to get off to get home to my chickens. And I spend all hours reading about other people's chickens when I can't be out in the coop with my own (like at 2am when I can't sleep but my husband insists I come to bed!)
This is a good read for both new chicken keepers and a good review for those of us who have been keeping chickens for a while. Thanks for your time and for citing additional areas for more information. Really enjoyed reading this.
As a new...VERY new, chicken momma....this article is very informative. It's title is spot on.
All numbers, 1-10 are questions/points you should seriously sit down and think about...then find the answers to them. Awesome, informative post. I know I'll definitely be following a few of the links the author included. Thanks for putting so much direct & to the point info all in one place....then going beyond even that and attaching the links to help in your own Q&A's???! It doesn't get much better than what's here. Thank you again :love:bow:clap
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