Hi y'all, i am Toshi
This is my flock and all, it might take sometime for me to load this all up mostly because i have a really slow computer. But thanks for looking and reading.

Now i have a flock of ten, it is a mix.

1 banty roo he is kept away from the others, he is mean as heck. His name is Varmint. Not sure how old he is
1 SS roo, Griffin, 2 SS hens Noka and Chatter. 8mos old
2 Partridge Rock Hen. We call her The Rock, then the other is Cinna-bird
1 GLW roo, aka Lace Bird, he keeps my little banty cross warm, big a fulffy he is.
2 Red Star hens, Salem and Jinx
1 BR hen Yuro (your-e is how i say it)
My baby birds which is Cinna-bird, Jinx, Salem, Yuro they will be 20 weeks in a few weeks, Yuro is already getting a red cob so are my Red Stars, cant wait for them to lay!
We let them out every day and it is a blast to watch them and their funny little games. My fav hen would have to be Chatter, because no matter what you are doing she will follow you around and talk your leg off the whole time. And when you pick her up and say her name she pauses and looks at you. Funny as heck.
I have raised about 3 bunches of chicks. First group was my SS, 3 of those roos went to my cousins place. She has a lot of hens for the boys lol. They were named Bane, Huger, and BB. (BB=strange little bird that would walk in circles for no reason at all)
Then my second bunch was Lace and The Rock
My third and last bunch for a few years. (So i tell myself) Is Yuro, Jinx, Salem and Cinnamon. (Ordered these guys online and through the mail from My Pet Chicken, Oh boy i never been so stressed over chickens before. Haha)
Now for some pics.
This is Varmit, he is a mean little bird but so sweet when it comes to humans, but he runs away still :C
These were my baby SS when they were just a few days old when i got them or a week old i am not sure.
This is my baby bird, of corse all of them are but he was momma's little brid, always sitting on my lap and making me pet him XD That's Griffin.
Here they are again in their strange stage. It was still 20F outside so i had to keep them in longer. They were 5 weeks in this pic i think. Griffin in the middle, Chatter off to the right of Griffin then BB to the other side.
These are the new babies, i need to load some up of the second bunch. I will do that tomorrow or soemthing...Well later today lol, and more pics will be coming!!.
Going to add more pics of birds. Soon....

These birds here are Griffin, Noka, and Chatter. Noka has all the white spots and is eating the flower thing, Chatter is the one looking at the camra when i took it. Looks like she is saying ''Hey..you have treats for me?''