I'm still learning about how to use this forum and of course learning about my poultry friends.. do you ever stop learning??
These are our lovely girls the day we got them, January 2011. Chosen and named by my kids...


Over summer I painted the coop! Never painted anything in my life and I'm happy with it! :)


mmmmmm Our first egg over Easter weekend... double yoker! Woohoo!!!


I totally love my chooks, I love their different personalitys but I have a super soft spot for my duck, she is my angel! I have handraised her from a day old. She is a Khaki Campbell named 'Hendrix', She spends her days hanging out with my dogs (my partner is not that overjoyed with the poop all over our deck and needs to be hosed down every evening...) and come evening she waddles back to our chook coop to sleep with them, Hendrix is only 9 weeks old but has made a lasting impression on my heart and I can't imagine life without her...