↓2011-04-04 After years of traveling and moving with my first career (Navy), I'm finally in a place and position where I can have a garden and CHICKENS! Got my 16 peeps Friday (Apr 1st), and like so many others, should prolly start my coop!
Brand new to chicken raising: Would that be 'chickering' for short? The first day, first HOUR! I couldn't get Chance (rescued golden, spaniel mix) out from under my feet. She slept in the laundry room for the first 4 hours...
When we go to check on them, she pushes in front of us and gives us the look: "Did you ask me?" I've almost fallen over her many times trying to clean the brooder cuz she pads in and lays down directly behind my heels...
I'm really hoping this indicates a future of protecting them from coyotes, hawks and eagles, all prevalent in our area (north central Washington). Ive seen her almost grow wings to keep the magpies off her bones, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The True Property Owners: Freakin' Bob, Man; Rami; Chance & Loki


Meagan, the pouting Chi; and Skadii, the oblivious mouse trap.

I REALLY should get crackin' on that coop....
Happy Chickering, Everyone!