Okay so thank you everyone one BYC for sharing your coops with newbies like me thanks to you I am building my first Tractor! Especially to Chickbond who put up with all my questions and let me copy his design it's an awesome one.
(3-6-10 and 3-13-10) First I found a 8x2 wooden crate from a construction project at school and asked the construction company permission to recycle it and they said said to have at the empty crates. Yay! It was partially dismantled and rickety but my Dad and I fixed it up good as new then we added ventilation windows on the front and sides.
And this is where the Pictures start sorry for not taking any sooner :Eek
(3-20-10) Then I started to paint the rails for the run which will be 8x8 Word to the wise paint all you lumber before my dad didn't believe me but it's a pain in the pa-tooty to paint around hardware clothe and you get paint all over it not so hot looking but it's my first coop so live and learn.
(3-26-10) And finally today Ryan my brother helped me get the first coat of paint on the coop.