We started with four hens, one Easter Egger and three Sex Links. We do not eat a lot of eggs and thought this would be a good learning experience for our children. After about three months we learned that four chickens just is not enough! The local fairgrounds, which is only two miles down the road has a Poultry Swap in the fall and spring. We brought home six bantom Wyndottes, four hens and two roosters. It has been a very fun and informative experience. It is fun to watch friends and family glass over when we start our chicken talk.
We have now started the next phase and have brought home six chicks from Tractor Supply. We are all very excited about watching them grow and become members of our flock. It is amazing how we have grown from four to 15 in less then a year. I have been told by my DW that we are now at our limit for buying chickens. I can only hope our bantams go broody and with the roos we will get more naturally!





The coop this winter Our Bantom Wyandotte Roo Some of the Girls