My name is Josh, I'm a 14-year-old with country blood who's stuck in the suburbs. I've been NAGGING my parents to get chickens for about 7-7 1/2 years, and on April 1st this year, it finally happened. I thought it was a prank until my mom paid at the store! My girls have been with me for almost 8 months... except one. Her name was Flora, and she was one of the original 10 that we had; she was 1 of 2 Ameraucanas that we had, the other being Fidelia(fi-DEE-lee-uh). (her name means faithful in some foreign language, maybe foreignese for all I know!) Flora died at age 2 (days) while my family was at church Sunday morning; she was teetering on the brink when we left, and when we came back, she had moved on.
We buried her in our front yard next to a big oak tree where we also buried my pet guinea pig, Buddy; she had been with us for 4 1/2 years but then she passed on 3 days before we got the chicks. I would have loved to see how she would have reacted with the chickens before she moved on, but it was not to be.
But there was a good side to their passing, a few days after we lost Flora, I finally accepted Jesus.
(although I'm kind of disapointed with myself due to the fact that it took the deaths of two pets in order for me to make that decision) We got another Ameraucana the day after Flora died, and named her Pixie (because 1 or 2 days after we got her home, she started picking at the sides of the cardboard brooder box with her beak.
All 10 of my girls have been laying eggs for about 3 months and they have just done so much for me. Other than the Ameraucanas, there is: 1 Plymouth Rock (Maya, MY-uh), 1 Black Australorp (Susan), 1 Buff Orpington (Joy), 1 Silver-Laced Wyandotte (Sally Mae), 1 Gold Star (Goldie), 1 Rhode Island Red (Audrey), and 2 White Leghorns (Mimi and Kiki). I'm actually thinking about getting more chicks before too awful long to increase production in order to meet the demand of my famished friends!
I will probably put some pictures/videos on this page as soon as I can get some recent pictures on here.(the most recent ones I have at the moment are from about 2-3 months ago)
Post comments if you want, and I may be able to offer tips/advise (I may be young, but my mom says that I'm like Einstien for my age)...and yes, there are a lot of parentheses on this page!