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[May 24, 2008] Just starting the coop and run, I decided on a run of 12 x 16 x 8 and a coop of (aprox) 8 x 12 inside the corner of the barn. I will post some project pictures as it comes along, and a final coop when its finished. It will be home to 8 Americana's/Auracana's which I will show off soon as well. The chicks are just over a week old. Getting their wing and tail feathers, trying to fly and eating like mad! All looking VERY healthy right now.

[May 26, 2008] The chicken run is half finished as of today. Lots of work, sunburn, but loads of fun. The chicks are no longer trying to fly, they are flying. I put screens over the brood box to keep them inside the box, and out of my bedroom. Oooh, they could make some messes.
[June 5, 2008] Almost finished the chicken run over the weekend. I need to put a chicken wire roof on it, and build the door into the coop. Also, change the latch on the door everything is so cheaply built these days, th brand new latch I bought broke after the third time I opened it. Put the 3 week old chicks in on a warm day already, they seem to love it. Cannot wait till they get to hang out in it all day long. I will post pics soon. As to the chicks, they are still growing like crzy, have most, but not all there feathers and are very healthy. So far, have not lost a single one. Will start the coop in the barn soon (Internal wall is framed, but have to finish).
[June 10, 2008] Finally posting some pics of the run and coop. I have officially started working on the coop now. I am framing in the wall, will be putting it up this week, and then adding all the "stuff" that goes into a coop. Will post more pics as the work progresses.

The Barn

The Chickens (Day 1)

A Closeup of One (Day 1)




Our Hahns Macaw

The Garden Protector

The Garden - A New Year




The New Run

Side View

The start of the coop in the barn




Start of the Hop Yard & My New
(to me) Wheel Horse D160


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