Welcome to Triple B Farm's BYC page!!!!! Thanks for visiting and please be patient while we "construct" this page!!!!!
We are a small family farm located in beautiful Sweetwater, Tennessee. We have 10 acres that we and our animals call home!!!
I have three children. Two sons, and one daughter. Addison age 13, Aaron age 11, and my little princess Sydney age 2.
Currently the only farm animals that we have are of the poultry or "bird" variety. We raise chickens, turkeys, guineas, and ducks. We have in the past, owned horses and goats.
We always keep more than one breed of chicken, but we each have our favorites. Addison enjoys Black Sex Links, Aaron likes Buff Orpingtons, Sydney has Golden Comets, and my personal favorite is the Rhode Island Red. We also have Barred Rocks, Red Stars, White Leghorns, and various bantams, and games.