My name is Sam. I have the worlds most amazing wife, Jennifer. Three amazing kids, Cassidy Elizabeth who is 7, Jacob Ryan who is 6, and Morgan Lilliana who is 5. My wife is carrying our fourth, fifth and sixth child. I am a Lieutenant for the Minnesota Highway Patrol, and Jenn was a pre-school teacher. I have worked for the Highway Patrol for 5 years. Me and Jenn met in elementary school and we hated eachother, my family moved away to Ohio. We moved back when I was in 9th grade, me and Jenn became friends, finally had our first date during our Junior year. We got married on Sunday, June 11th, 2000. And welcomed Cassidy into the world on September 19, 2000. Thirteen months later, we welcomed our first son, Jacob, on October 11, 2001. Then again, fourteen months later, we welcomed our second girl Morgan on December 5, 2002. On September 9, 2008 we found out we were expecting triplets. June 10, 2009 is Jenn's due date, hopefully she'll make it as close to it as she can. We're expecting two boys and a girl. Baby A is Aiden Samuel, Baby B is Ethan Thomas and C is Madeline Erin.
As for animals, we have 200 beef cattle.
Five horses-Cici, bred Painted medicine hat, Ginger, Painted filly, Araiah, bred Clydesdale, Bruce, ArabXThroughbred cross gelding, and Edwaldo Clydesdale stallion.
Four Sheep-Monster, Bella, Gertrude, London.
Four Dogs-Ty, great dane, Russel, Newfoundland, Margo, Boston Terrier, Macy, Great Pyraneese
2 Cats-Mika-Siamese, and Snickers, calico.
3 Rabbits-Ross, Kiki and Sophie
1 Llama-Gilbert
10 Rouen Ducks,37 Chickens,