Hello my name is Tripp
First, let me start off by telling you all a little about myself!
I am 27 and have 3 kids. My son Marcus is 9 and Emma my oldest daughter is
3 and last my youngest daughter Allie Joe is 2. I find that being a father is the
only full time job that I enjoy!!!

I raise many things but silkies and quail. I also have 2 rabbits Sophie and
Jermaine! I have a dog and 3 turkey poults and 4 ducks right now.

If anyone is interested in any rabbits silkie eggs or quail just get in touch
I always enjoy tradeing or saleing a few eggs or birds. I always try and help out
I keep my prices low as to make new friends and get a good reputation from the
people I sale to so if interested just PM me and I can provide references if
need be!!!

Thanks For Looking,