I started my small urban backyard flock in late April this year. I already had a pen. We built it years ago when my daughter came to live with us. She had two male cats who terrorized my litttle female cat. So, we built a nice covered pen over an old swingset frame, added a door and lots of chicken wire. When our daughter got married and moved away, we had an empty pen that our dog occasionally slept in, but for the most part it was empty. Little did we know it would make an excellent start to our backyard chicken coop. Since we built the pen strong enough to keep two cats inside for two years, we realized that it would also keep predators out. Great for our new little additions.
We started with two Bantams that we bought from Atwoods in late April. We had two more but they turned out to be little Roosters. So, we took those two little boys to my brother who lives in the country in Texas. We just bought two Easter Eggers last weekend, so the flock is now complete.
Jewel & Bippity
Boppity & Boo
I am still learning how to take care of this little flock and we will eventually have to build them an actual enclosure for laying, but it's too early and too hot to think about that. The chickens roost up in the top of the pen on perches that I have made. We also have a lot of vines covering the chicken wire on one side and one night I couldn't find the little Bantams. I kept hearing them chirp and found them at about eye level up hiding in the vines. How cute they were.
I fed them spaghetti for the first time the other night and they went after them like they were worms. I thought I was going to have a chicken riot on my hands, but they were hilarious so I will definitely be doing that again when the grandson comes to visit.

And...the adventure continues...

Tulsa Feathers
a.k.a. Momma Ham & Eggs