Test, test. What is this for?
Ooh, I can insert images!

They're downstairs in our basement brooder right now, 7 or 8 days old. They happily climb/jump/hop/fly onto our hands and commence going higher onto our arms. They'll eat out of our hands. SWEET!

A week later;
Yesterday we picked up our three Speckled Sussex pullets from Meyer Hatchery (VERY FRIENDLY people there, I quite enjoyed the short time I was there!) We drove the 5 hours home with them in the carry box and let them stay in the box overnight. In the morning we adjusted the brooder so that all of the girls could get to know one another without actually mingling.

So the very next thing I knew, the divider went bye-bye. It didn't work and the girls got along just fine. No pecking at all.

The BO are 4 and a half weeks and the SS are 2 and a half weeks old here-