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By Sir Grace · Jul 15, 2013 · ·
  1. Sir Grace
    When we were interested in getting chickens I didn't have much knowledge of raising chickens. I love chickens, my kitchen is full of chickens.
    My husband was raised on a farm and had chickens but being a city/country girl I was not around them much. About two months ago our daughter gave us two of her hens. Laverne and Shirley are big fluffy hens who give wonderful brown eggs. Shirley is the bully of the roost and she knows it. They chat when I am around and seem to enjoy their new home. Then a white and black chicken started roaming around. Finding out it belonged to the neighbors two doors down and that he said if you can catch it you can have it. That was all my husband needed and yep he caught this bird. We placed it alone for a while until they all got use to each other. Time passed and "Grace" started growing taller and nice long yellow legs. Still not knowing if we had a hen or rooster we just watched. No eggs. Last week my husband went out to let them out and as he was walking back to the house he heard the ruffle of feathers and this Cock a doodle do. He turned around and said "What!!!. Called me out to the back porch and as I asked what he wanted I heard it. I turned around and said "A Rooster?" At that point he was laughing so hard. Yep our Gracie was now a Sir Grace. Tried renaming him and he didn't answer so Sir Grace is happy being called Gracie. So now we have a good start to a new bunch. He is has brown, black and white feathers so we are not sure what kind he is, but he is pretty and now crows on demand. Learns well. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. bilsie
    No Picture?

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