1. LadyBeartoothMamma
    Okay the chickens ( no longer baby chicks) are doing well and growing like weeds. We built a better chicken coop an 8x8 so theres lots of room for them. And we did build a roost for them. Their still getting use to it but I think they've figured it out. I also might have a friend who is interested in raising chickens. So I told him that there's nothing wrong with having backyard chickens and that alot of people are doing that now..
    Anyway I was wrong about the silkies we are instead getting three rare breeds of Bantams.. So this should be interesting to see what we will be getting... I hope three different kinds. but it could be the same breed. I would like to order more so we can have more eggs. but my hubby wont let me. I look forward to this Journey though. I have nothing but found memories of the chickens that we had. Course we had alot more then what I have now. I think my dad got 20 RhodeIsland Reds.. Yeah I remember bits and pieces of that. Anyway the chickens are doing well and soon Ill have to get more medicine for them yeahhhhhh....

    Anyway will write more. love Sunshine

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