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Ultimate PVC Gravity Feeder

  1. PatchtoTable

    This feeder improves on other PVC gravity feeder designs by solving these key problems:

    • Mess and wasted feed: The enclosed feeder design and front spill guard eliminates mess and wasted feed
    • Rain getting in the feeder opening: A rain hood keeps the grain dry
    • Keeps pests’ away: Easily seal the feeder closed with a cap to keep rats and other pests away at night.

    DIY Instructions

    In the past I have found it frustrating and time consuming to try and follow other feeder designs with only a photo and some very rough detail to go from. To make this feeder super easy for others to make and use, I have put together a step by step DIY instruction manual.

    ** You can download the manual here (its Free) **

    This manual covers:

    • A list of equipment and materials needed
    • Exact dimensions Getting the dimensions right are important to prevent mess and to stop chickens flicking out the feed with their beaks
    • Painting PVC
    • DIY scoop which makes it easy to fill the feeder
    • How to set up the feeder and where to place it
    • How to introduce the feeder to the chickens
    • Cleaning and maintenance

    I hope you find it useful – happy chicken keeping!

    Patch to Table

    Looking for more Chicken Feeder ideas? Check out my other BYC article where I compare 8 feeder designs

    More pics >>


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