UnderStanding Chickens

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    Chickens are interesting and fun,to me anyways.All the lovely things they do to survive,and all the other important things they do.It's fun watching your own flock do what they do.But,how do understand a chicken it's "Self"?Understand their different speaking:Are they doing the egg call?,or are they talking back to you or another Flock member?What does a chicken do for fun?:many things chickens do,or can do for fun,is dust bath.It is first off how they free themselves and/or protect themselves from bugs.Here is a bird dust bathing:.

    Birds also sunbath,but how do I know their Sunbathing?:It's like us tanning.Well,they are not tanning,but enjoying the sun.It can also at times warm them up in the winter.Sunbathing hen:[​IMG]

    Voicing birds:
    You can talk to your birds in their own language,bawk.There are a few ways they so affection,defense,and dominance:The growl:It's more of burk,burk burk,kinda of sound.Defense:Lets say their in a nest defending.Hens will sometimes make a ear splitting meow type sounds.Affection:Usually it's just a casual,bawk bawk (Not loud squacks) sound.If you do try to Growl,it can potentially cause the birds to turn on you,and start facing up with you.

    Ways your birds can show you sickness:There are very many ways a bird can show unhappiness,or sickness,here area few.
    Decrease in Egg Production,Not eating,eating very little,not drinking,drinking very little,eyes shutting,depressed,lethargic,sneezing,coughing,ignoring you or flock members,keeping great distances from flock an coop,all signs of sickness,stress,or unhappiness.

    Understanding birds and the Pecking Order:The Pecking Order is an important part of a chickens life.It keeps birds in place,and nobody has to "Restrained" twice or more.In order to figure this out,just watch.Usually the top hen isn't leaving her feed spot,but many other birds are.Watch who beats on who (mostly at feeding time (s).)

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