That's right, right in the middle of the burbs.... We had only 1 neighbor 5 years ago but they managed to put up developments ALL around us, making us this "funky little cove" now. With chickens providing eggs, local dairy, rainwater collection, composting, recycling and reusing, and use of some solar power, we're as sustainable as we can manage to be, but it's really just practice for the real thing when we can follow our Dreams to complete sustainability....... http://www.sufficientself.com/web/viewblog.php?id=1102

Girls putting themselves to bed at night, we get to pet them and say goodnight with the attic door.

Arctic, sweet pullet........

We started out with this old shipping crate for the 6 pullets. I insulated it with carpet pad for cold Seattle spring nights and re-used "found arond the place" hardware. They were in our house, in a guest bedroom - wire cage as babies. Then moved out to "big brown baby box" at about 6weeks. Cost on the box = 0 THEN....
The blue dog house became the new hen house (see dog house design page).
My sweet Newfoundland
watches over everyone.

This old dog run was a perfect place for the Chicken Coop + run.

I think they like us.... Or they think we make good roosts.... Or they want to peck us in ear.... Hard to know since we dont speak chicken....

Ahhh Summer Time.....

Wild turkeys

Girls getting older....... Should be laying soon

LOVING Yogurt + Apples

Can a girl get a little privacy here??!!!!
7/28/09 First Egg!!!!

And 2nd egg 7/30

9/10 - Now getting 6 / day!

Sooooo Delicious! Was it worth it? YES~

Thanks for stopping by.......