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By cdnley · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. cdnley
    Long time no post!
    We lost a few to a fox over the summer. The first was the Rouen. There was a 1" gap in the pen and the fox managed to grab its legs. I found it in the pen with no legs, it was terrible. Our Indian Runner also lost a leg, but survived with a little TLC. I had to keep my Runner segregated as the others wouldn't allow him to get at the food and they would pick at him. He was by himself most of the time. I put him outside to get fresh air often but he mostly laid where he was put. I think any other duck would have been better able to get around but because of the Runner's upright stance he just couldn't recover. One day this summer I put him out on the water (as I often did) and when I tried to get him off (as I was leaving) he didn't want to come off. When I came home 2 hours later he was dead. Floating by the shore line in the pond. Very sad. But not sure how he would have survived the winter. Then the very next day my Chinese goose was taken during the night. The day before the new duck house was finished.

    Now my flock is pretty content. We have a wild mallard who is living with us, not sure if it is a M of F...

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