3/23/09 - got our first chicks 3 Light Brahams, 3 RIR, 3 Barred Rock
Here's my intro on BYC on 3/24/09:​
My 14yo son decided last fall he wanted to give raising chickens a try. My 9yo wanted to also. We thought it would be good to have them research and start in the spring when it was warmer.
(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
Yesterday after their dad got home from work we went to the feed store and got our first chickens. We got 3 of each breed and have plans to get about 10 more of various breeds.
(2) How many chickens do you have right now? 9
(3) What breeds do you have? Light Braham, RIR, Barred Rock
(4) How did you find out about BackYardChickens.com? during our research for coop/tractor ideas
(5) What are some of your other hobbies?
We will be sharing this ID. I crochet, read, and volunteer. My 9yo loves Roblox, LEGO, and imaginary missions. My 14 enjoys LEGO, robotics, bonsai, and model rocketry. We garden as a family and are remodeling.
(6) Tell us about your family, your other pets, your occupation, or anything else you'd like to share.
We don't have other pets due to allergies. We are hoping that won't be an issue with the chickens. Friends think I am crazy for doing this since I am allergic to eggs but the boys will handle them and sell them, hopefully.​
3/25/09 - named 1 BR Stretch, 1 LB Gert, 1 RIR Fluffy still thinking on the other names
3/26/09 1am Needed help
3/26/09 - Gert passed away

3/28/09 - named 1 LB blackie
, 1 LB Silver, 1 BR Midnight, 1 BR Domino, 1 RIR Rose, only one more RIR to name
4/1/09 - finally named the last RIR Red-e

4/14/09 - got 3 2-day old buff silkie chicks; they are so cute and jumpy
(named dott, fuzzles, & spot)
8/8/09 - 2 eggs in our standard field pen
8/11/09 - fuzzles started crowing this morning. It sounds so funny.

9/23/09 - 13 eggs in the standard pen!! We only have 8 standard hens!
11/3/09 - got our first silkie egg
11/18/09 - both silkies must be laying now, got 2 eggs in their box
11/17/09 - Blackie attacked through pen. Vet thinks it was a night time coyote attack. We put her down

11/27/09 - Our silkies are gone. All three were taken from their little temporary pen during broad daylight . Found feathers under a tree

2/1/10 - our 4-H group got our new chicks, a bunch died in transit
so replacements will need to be sent. Today we got 3 Americanas (probably really Easter Eggers), 3 Cuckoo Maran, 3 Speckled Sussex, 3 Light Brahma, 3 Jersey Giant.
One of the Speckled Sussex chicks didn't make it through the day

2/2/10 - Rose killed through the pen

2/8/10 - our 4-H group got our replacement chicks today. Today we got 1 Speckled Sussex, 4 Milli Fleur, and 2 Australorp (?).
One of the Milli Fleur didn't make it through the day

2/9/10 One of the Milli Fleur died today

2/26/10 - got 4 new Milli Fleur today from the local feed store, hoping for one roo. Now we aren't sure that we got Millie Fleur from the last place because these look totally different.