Hi all! Still looking for a farm home to rent in Ohio along I-75 halfway between Napoleon and Cincinnati would put me around Lima/Findlay area or WEST Central Ohio. My house is available for sale in Clyde, OH 43410 (anyone want a plain victorian, 3750 sq, on 1 acre in town w/NO CHICKENS?)
I'm in the learning phase and exploring breed options and egg colors. Please feel free to write me and advise on exhibition quality lines/stock/breeds.
Interested in: Darker colors and laced varieties. Who doesn't like buff/golds.
Ameraucanas, Australorps, Buckeyes (hey, I'm in Ohio the Buckeye state!), Rocks, Welsummers, Wyandottes, and so far into the Large fowl for the higher egg production.
Have 18 hatchery/TSC brown egg layers Should be Gold Comets and NHR pullets. Now I also have some hens originating from TheFancyChick here in OH, 2 light sussex hens, and a double laced barnevelder, and from a hatchery a very well laced Golden Wyandotte hen. I've had 5 eggs in 2 days and one of the sussex is broody and not contributing!
I'm looking for information here, the whole shebang on raising chickens, culling breeds, etc! Oops, won 2 bids on Welsummers, so if the eggs ever make it here (priority is taking 5 days) I might have a flock of those to raise. Both from dark terra cotta egg stock, breeder not hatchery lines. Uhm.....OOPS, won another bid on a barn mix of LF/bantams, but after day 5 days in the hovabator only candled one that is developing - a buff leghorn. Now I know what it means about not counting your chickens before they hatch!!
I'm having fun raising up the brooder chicks. Hoping I like all the daily care of the adults, too! Those roos better be friendly or YUM!
Don't know where to find the breeder lines or who has what stock. Feel free to email me with your high quality lines! Will need cold hardy breeds. Must say I do like productive birds. Seems to me they should help pay for their keep. Variety in egg color is appealing as well as having a couple broody hens willing to raise chicks!
I'm hoping to keep my chicken operation small and sustainable and cost effective. So I would need good quality to start. They can eat red wiggler composting worms with no ill effects, right? Cause I'm raising those to help compost the alpaca manure.....
I did 'okay' raising cockatiels and parrots in California in the '90's so I think I can get chicken genetics for feather and egg color. Doing okay with the colors on the Alpaca herd as well. Those photos are over on hobbyfarms under Imaginary Alpaca Ranch, and of course, alpacas are ALWAYS for sale, ahem...
And of course I have all kinds of alpaca fiber, rovings, homespun yarn for sale as well as the lye soap that I make. Alpacas, spinning, soaping, now chickens. I love gardening, too. Definitely need a country home!
Cheers all, train up this new chicken breeder!! Bonnie