Vent Gleet aka Nasty Chicken Butt

This article gives a clear description and photos of the condition, and how to treat it.
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This was a great article! Thanks for sharing!
I like the lay out and the photos. Well, I don't actually like all the photos, eew, but you know what i mean!
I would only add that in addition to the daily soaks and cleaning, that should be followed up with an antifungal ointment to speed recovery.
I haven't researched this but would converting the chickens diet over to fermented also be a preventive method?
The article is sound advice. Thank you for sharing it.
Article could be updated to reflect research on ACV effectiveness.

Using anti fungal medicine too
Informative article that’s well written. Good description’s and overall good read.
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Thank you for the insight. I had never heard of this before.
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