You can check out the rest of my coop here:

But thought I'd stick this info here.
This year I decided to change up some ventilation arrangements.
When the snow piles up on the lower roof and then the winds blows it can blow snow into the coop,
so added some furnace filter material to the upper soffit vents to prevent that from happening.
Should allow plenty of air flow still but block the snow.
Baffles 12-12-19 2.JPG

Lower south roof had some foam board up for a couple years trying to slow heat gain in summer, that didn't really make much difference so decided to take some of it down to increase ventilation from lower soffit for winter.
Baffles 12-12-19 3.JPG

I usually lay big pieces of cardboard on top of the mesh 'ceiling' to block drafts from the lower back(north) soffits from blowing on the roost area.
This year I decided to prop the cardboard up against rafters to redirect airflow up.
May allow better yet gentle air flow near roosts.
Can't really reach it, so kind of a janky 'install', that's an extra roost holding it up, double duty as I needed to store that roost somewhere....thinking on a more 'elegant' solution.
Baffles 12-12-19 1.JPG

Other side where there are no roosts used in winter:
Baffles 12-12-19 4.JPG
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