A Year In Your Life With Chickens
One of the things I love about living in Vermont is the change of seasons. Our seasons are intense. When it is winter, it is really winter. Spring is muddy and growing. Summer hot and muggy. And fall -- is the glorious season of crunchy leaves, blue skys, and apple-crisp days.
One of the things I have noticed here on BYC is that there is a seasonal rhythm to keeping chickens. Especially in your first year of having chickens, it is hard to pay attention to everything at once. This calendar might clue you in to what's the next thing likely to come up! I'm also compiling it for my own use, to remind me of the next seasonal changes.

(TO BE CONTINUED - very rough outline below)

First Spring • New Chicks!

Summer with the Teenagers

Fall and First Eggs

Preparing for Winter


predators, hawks
introducing new chickens?

prime egg laying


Winter #2