It started about 30 some odd years ago. My dad moved us from a small city to the farm. Where upon over the years of my youth, we had Horses, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, geese and yes chickens.
I swore that when I left the farm for the city I would not venture back to the farm.
Fast forward to today
I currently have (In my back yard mind you) 6 rabbits and 7 chickens.

The rabbits Me and Wife wanted because they were easy to keep and well she fell in love with them.

The chickens....Well she wanted fresh eggs. I gave in and is now on board with that....YUM
Besides they do wonders on the insect pest problem.

So went to feed store came home with 2 Buff Orpingtons,2 EEs, 1 Silver Laced Wayondotte and a Crested Polish that the wife liked.

Unfortunately the crested and 1 silver laced passed.

They needed housing so I threw this together for them.
So off to the feed store for a replacement. When I went in they had white EEs. So I got 1 of them and because she needed a friend in the brooder a Black Australorp.
Got them home and into my garage and the home made card board box brooder

So the more I looked at the temp housing the more I had to do someting. So with some plans in my head and some ideas on BYC I was off.
What I ended up with was this 2 story 8' long by 4' 2" wide and slightly higher then 4' 6"
Do you think for longer days of inclimate weather that 7 chickens would be ok in this enclosure?

This will be of a night time enclosure for them. There is a lot of little insect boogers for them to eat in the yard. I got some nest boxes made and will put them in then add pine bedding when I start seeing signs of laying.

Still have lots of plans and upgrades in my head.Maybe a window for the hen house part or bars for windows.
But money in the wallet well thats another story
And because they needed a place to roost

At first they didn't know what to think about the 2nd story. Now they all go up and roost up there.
Must make them feel secure.

Happy to report that after me putting them up at night, they now do it themselves. totaly great.
Just got a bag of freeze dried meal worms. They love me now. When they hear my voice their chirping changes to a happy chirp.
Just goes to show the way to anythings heart is its stomach.

We had a pretty good storm fly thru here. Lots of wind and rain. I think it passed the test the roof stayed on, the chickens stayed drie, and the whole thing didnt tople over....... WOO HOO!

page still a work in progress
any suggestions or thoughts let me know​