Very first hatch- shipped Bresse eggs!

By FrankHomestead · Dec 28, 2017 · ·
  1. FrankHomestead
    I was so excited for my Bresse eggs to arrive. We are just a family establishing a self sufficient these are obviously for dual purpose. But select breeding stock.. husband ordered these eggs for me...but what do I do with them?? Well I wanted to make my own brooder with a Styrofoam cooler my parents sent a christmas present a couple years ago from Omaha steaks!
    It was doing well and I was tweaking it...but my husband couldn't bare another moment watching me fuss with the temperature nor humidity. He said "I'm not going to waste money on hatching eggs with a defective incubator. Lol
    So he bought the little giant incubator for me. See how sweet now...the real fun begins!!
    I let the eggs rest pointy end down for 28 hours. I was being extra technical and careful. 1st day in the bator they were resting on my hubbys dresser..and that wasn't the best idea. No matter how much I told my children what was up there, and not to bump 3 yr old daughter mangaged to bump the dresser during a game of hide & seek and a few eggs rolled. I was in total distraught!!! Omg what's going to happen now!
    I thought whelp, they're doomed. Next time.
    Day 2 incubation...eggs rolled again and I'm pretty sure it was my step son simply opening the dresser drawer and closing it but he was afraid to admit it since I was so high strung about these damn eggs!! So-second way these are ever going to hatch. Not only mailed but abused. Ugh!
    So I thought..this is the WORST spot for my bator..I need to move it. So I VERY carefully, at the rate of a sloth..moved the bator. But didn't matter how slowly I moved it...the eggs rolled everywhere and crashed into each other...oh gawd. Was better left where it stood.
    Expecting no eggs to hatch, I just follow the directions. I awoke on day 21 with a pip in one egg! But on the wrong end...another 2 eggs pipped, zipped, and hatched before the 1st was done struggling. I started to very carefully assist the chick over many hours, and the chick finally hatched. Good riddance!

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  1. Blooms&Brood
    Oh! And what part of MI are you from? I'm from there originally :)
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    1. FrankHomestead
      I live in Howard city now but lived in GR most of my life. Where are you from?
  2. Blooms&Brood
    Do you have a smart phone? If you sign into BYC on your phone you can upload fairly easy by clicking the photo button in the reply box. It's looks like a sun & mountain in a frame. The button to the right to the emoji

    Btw! I'm going to follow you. Very interested in hatching eggs in the future.
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    1. FrankHomestead
      I'm going to try again!
    2. FrankHomestead
      For some reason it's not showing an option to select a photo to upload. I'm going to post a new thread under chicks with a pic! :)
  3. Blooms&Brood
    How many Bresse did you end up with? Any photos?
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    1. FrankHomestead
    2. FrankHomestead
      I don't know how to post pics here?

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