Welcome to my page! I started with chickens at the age of 4 with a mixed breed rooster and a few hens. My native country is Bulgaria where my family rasied New Hampshires and Rhode Islands. Raising checkens became a hobby for me. Growing up my flock was from a native type chicken which is a long crower, silver duck-winged and bearded, slightly feathered legs, a type bird between a Brahma and Orlof.
I've been in the United States 8 years. After several years of working hard, 2 jobs, 16 hours a day, last year I was able to buy a house with a little land and start a flock here. My little flock is made of several breeeds. Jerry is a Blue Salmon Faveroles rooster. The queen of the flock is the smallest one but with great character, Irene an Iowa Blue. Queen over Orpintons, Rhode Island Reds, Black Austalorp, White Rock and Gina, the Jersey Giant. All have names and are very tame. I have 7 young ones which Irene hatched.
Because I am chicken-addicted, this year I bought 10 Black Cooper Morans and some Leghornes, a white exibition line, regular blacks and light-browns.
My goal is to produce silver duck-wing pea combed birds with a long sweeping tail to remind me of my Bulgarian birds. For the beginning I am mixing O E G and Yokohama, then I will put some sumatra blood.
When I have a camera, I will post a few pictures of my favorites.