This is the story of a 1968 Viet Nam Vet. I used to love hunting and all. Then after Viet Nam I couldn;t bear to kill anything or if I could help it be killed. I was given 4 chickens by a man that was going to kill them because they were not up to par for his meat hous. When I got then they couldn't even walk hardly. This was due to them being with 42,0000 other chickens. I fixed them up a place where they could do what they wanted to do.Now after a while some of them would come out of their building and scrach around some. I started to feed and water them outside. The other one would walk as far as it could and then rest and then go on. Of course I had to feed her real close so she would have to wear herself out or even hurt herself. Now today they are all getting along fine and fat as a butter ball turkey. I know that these types don't live long but atleast they will go out of this world happy. Then came the goat. My son-in-law ask me to take a goat to keep the people from killing him.Yes he is here to. It didn't take him long to get used to our place.He is just like a child.He is put out in the morning and broight in at night. He can't wait to get to his house because I have already puy dry dog food there for him and he know that it is wauting for should see him run when I open up the gate.Just don't get in his way or you will be run over by a speeding goat. LOL. I wanting to add to my flock now befor the first ones has to leave this earth.I'll be adding them as I can. there are some who give me some to add and I'm so very gratefull for this. If you stop and look around at them it kust shows how much we are truly blessed.Maybe one say I'll have me a big flock to look after. Who Knows. Whit the few I already have I'm very blessed in deed.
I have 5 childred and 6 grand kids 2 beagles and a very loving wife. Now of course the chickens and goat. I may not be able to sleep at night but they sure help me make it thur the day.