Hi all,
My name is Lisa. I'm a reired veterinary technician, but fairly new to chickens. This will be my first little flock. We live in Fort Worth, Texas. I'm going to stick to Silkies cuz they really don't look like chickens. As one of my co-workers asked when she first saw a Silkie picture, "What kind of poodle are those?"
I also have 2 cats and 2 miniature Dachshunds.

I incubated these chicks after getting the eggs from Eggbid and Ebay auctions. I started with 12 eggs from Virginia and hatched "Fuzzy Butt," my black Silkie. I think it's a boy. The next batch was 14 eggs from Oregon and hatched "Muffy," "Keith," 2 partridge Silkies, "Conehead," a buff Silkie, and "Cracker," a white Silkie. They were born October 29-31.
I have 18 eggs in the incubator now from California. I'll update as they hatch. They are due Thanksgiving! I candled the eggs a few days ago and have 12 for sure.

This is my little bunch at 3-5 days old.