Campbells' Scoop...
My husband, Chuck, and I grew up in the south... he in Alabama, and I in North Carolina.
We both came from farm families, so growing up... tending to barnyard animals was an everyday part of our lives.
As adults?
Neither of us chose farming for our career path so after spending over 30 years in the business community, living in the city... "retirement" and moving to a rural area has taken us some time to get used to.
We have been married almost 14 years, with most of those years being spent living in Russia as "2nd career" missionaries. It has only been in the last 3 years that we've spent more time in America... and of those, living in the valley of Helena, Montana from June of 2009 until almost April of this year.
One of our favorite past-times when we lived in Montana was to go for a drive to see the magnificent scenery and to watch the wildlife. We'd stay gone for hours... to see elk, antelope, and mule deer browsing on the high plains, or sometimes in the hayfields... right alongside the cattle or sheep. We'd go to Yellowstone or Glacier National Park(s) where we'd sometimes see wolves, a coyote, big horn sheep, mountain goats or bears (our particular favorites). It was not uncommon to see eagles and osprey or wild turkeys and Canadian geese... and we had a jackrabbit in our yard every day. Almost every Montanan owns a horse, and in the valley where we lived... there were mares and colts being boarded within a mile of our home. We would often make a special point to go out of our way down the road where they were just so we could see them graze (there were 18 colts with their moms in one pasture).
Funny... I never recall seeing a chicken. Chickens?
Chuck was diagnosed with Leukemia in early March, so we returned to southeastern North Carolina to live close to family and friends.
God works in mysterious ways, so I shouldn't be so surprised that even in North Carolina, He would surprise me (and my husband) with unexpected "any type of animals" to look at...but to take care of, and even possibly grow to love?
"I never thought I would ever own a live chicken... much less 13 of them!"
There is an interesting story as to how we became the proud owners of Rascal, Henrietta and their offspring... but unfortunately, that entry will have to come on another day.

Blessings to all of you who enjoy reading about our backyard chickens...