Ok, so do I love my chicks?? We had them out during our wedding! My RIR are my favorite gals, but I love them all.
I tried to post my profile pic, it's shows one of my RIR's in our wedding.. not sure it posted correctly though.
Along with a friend, we're going to start incubating eggs to raise RIR and EE's. Hard to buy 'purer' Reds around here, the local feed store sells out as fast as they get them in. So, if you have any mahogany RIR eggs you'd like to sell, send an email. The EE add a nice color surprise to each carton.
We're having a hard time filling egg orders... especially now that it's colder out and the gals aren't laying as often. Actually have a waiting list and it's hard to have enough to use in our own kitchens these days. I had 8 more hens who were killed by coyotes, so looking to add to my layers... only get 8 eggs a day now out of my 17 layers that survived the coyote attack.
Between egg sales and RIR pullet sales we won't be paying the rent, but we'll have fun!