[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]BACKYARD COOP[/FONT]

Well here it goes. I had the disire to raise chickens for over 12 years now and finaly took a plunge. So I started in December of 09 when we had 12 degrees weather her in the Pacific Northwest, I trully had a blast working outside in the crisp air with sunshine.
So this is the area of the garden on side of the house that I decided to have for my coop and run. See all the parsley (PS it was gone in the day when I placed my chicken in this run)


I had some rataining wall blocks leftover, so i decided to use them for my coop foundation, the size of the coop is 4' 6" by 8' 4" and 6' 2 " high.

I've used T-111 siding for the outside, insulated it pretty well and used half in plywood on the inside. Also I brught electrcity in as well for the lights and receptacles.

My run measures 8' 6" by 16 foot long and about 6 and half foot tall, so i can walk in it comfortably. Half of it I covered with a corrugated plastic and the othe half is open to the elements, as of this writing we have rain, and it looks like a mud hole ( thats what you get for living in the Northwest. I'm concidering to cover second half too, hopping it will be dryer for my girls. The sides of the run i covered with the chicken wire and ran it ithe soil about a foot to protect it from rodents trying to get in, we have racoons, appasuums, cats, dogs, eagles in the area, so I'm doing my best to give my girls safest and most comfortable invironment.

Here how it looked inside during my contruction, I think I went overboard on the receptacles, but I want to have plenty locations so I don't have to mess with extension cords, Also I wired them in the way that they could have constant power in one half and you could switch the other half at the switch or put it on the timer switch.



You can see egg collection door on the side, this way I dont have to enter the run or coop to collect the eggs.

As you can see in the pics I made three nesting boxes about 15 in 15 in and layred the carpet on the bottom. I also built the ramp so birds woudnt hae to jump to he roost area, they still do it once in while anyway.

Here is the finished look of the coop and a run, cost me about $1200. And about a month to built it, overall very pleased with outcome and still twicking a few things out. And here is my new tenants, as of this writing i have 13 total of diferent breeds. Will post more info as I have time.