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Vredenburg Dairy Farm
Lyle and Shelly Vredenburg
Reed City, Michigan

This is the Coop Lyle built after visiting this site for the first time....this site is full of great information! I am adding the info on how to build it at the bottom of this page!
Our Farm consists of our 3 horses,
and Lena !
We also have our Five Dairy Goats (Alpines and Alpine Crosses)
Athena !

For some reason I forgot how to add pics..lol. We have Giselle, April, and our new Buckling Astro also !

We have 12 Laying hens.

Don't forget Foghorn ( our Rooster ) and Our BroodyTrudy!

And 13 new chicks!

Here is our trusty chicken and goat hearder, Bug !
And finally our "Tractor Cat " Spook !
We have a 60 acre farm and lots of love for our animals ! We have never been happier than we are now ! Lyle and I have wanted to have a farm ever since we can remember and now our dreams are coming true! We hope to have many more Dairy goats and Chickens in the future. HOPEFULLY the "girls" have been successfully bred this last fall and we will have "kids" in March! Photos will most definantly be posted when that happens!
As for our chicken coop: If you would like to build one like it, I am adding the info next !