Yesterday during the night some animal came over my 5 feet wire fence and went to my laying hens coop and kill 7 hens and my only rooster. I need your help and ideas to what kind of wild animal could have done this. My chicken coop door was open and unlock. I have been here two years and raised chicken and ducks. Two week ago two Muscovy duck were vanished.. they could have been killed by same wild animal. This morning after I found out the chicken were killed...there were dragging track from the coop to the fence and claimed over the fence into the brush. There were some foot print looks and about the same like cat paws. Pls help me identify this wild animal and how to stop them from doing again. COULD IT BE WILD CAT/BOBCAT, RACCOON, OR POSSUM. Thank you for your support. Pls called me at (916) 506-0893 or email me at [email protected]