Wall Feeder
Adapted from Nifty Chicken

Started out with plain wall. Studs 16 in apart.​

Built a very crude box to attach to the wall.​

Added trim to front of studs to attach plexiglass. Be very careful not to scew plexiglass in to tight. It will crack.

Cut a board to fit inside the box to control the downward flow​
Big crack that I put duck tape over & a picture of feed bag on top. lol​

Shown below with 25 lbs of feed. Will hold 50 with no problem.

Girls are wondering what in the world I am doing messing with their feed.

All of this was constructed with things I had laing around. The only purchaes was the plexiglass at $2.15 a sheet.
Thank you Nifty for giving me the idea.