My Rhode Island Red hen wasreally slow a d wobblyesterday. She wasnt stretching her neck normally and when I picked her up, some yellowy water came out of her mouth. She wanted to sleep in the sun, normal but she just crouched in one spot while the other hen walked arpund as usual pecking the ground. The next day she was perkier but still can't jump up or fly up to the tier. She is eating and drinking a lot but uncoordinated a bit. Her neck is moving a bit better. Maybe nerve damage from a fall. She looked like she was getting better for about a week Funny smell was gone, bur still not jumping up ont anything, Now this morning May23, she looks awful again. Eyes halfmast, hunched up, wobbly, still eating a little., not moving much, poo smells funny and is small and not normal shape. Crop is empty. Something is festering in there somewhere.hh