Hi! I'm Billie Jo and I live in Menifee County Kentucky. I have 6 hens, 6 pullets and 2 cockerels. Their coop is 10x12 and right now they have an electric netting run, it is not hooked up to electric yet, but will be as soon as we get the permanant run built. Once the 10x16 wire run is up they will have it to use on days when we are not at home but still be allowed out into the bigger uncovered run when we are at home. Here are some pics of the girls and their coop.
The girls dustbathing in the mulch beside the front porch...and making a grand mess LOL

Chica and Dottie laying their eggs

They don't care how cold it is they just want to go out

A beautiful winter day in Kentucky

Chica the very spoiled Salmon Faverolles

The coop and temporary run

The new babies in the brooder

The new little man a BR cockerel