Krisann & Cliff

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The Want Less Journal

We live in Eastern NC on a small farm we bought from my family in 2004. Our home is nearly 200 years old and is a constant work in progress since we have chosen to do the restoration ourselves.

We enjoy living a very simple life.

Our "farm" currently consists of a small flock of chickens (for eggs), two horses, a miniature donkey (with his own Facebook page), a couple dogs and two cats. We do a lot of gardening as an effort to produce as much of our own food as possible. farm managers

Cliff (aka The Boy) is an avid competitive cyclist who spends the majority of his day job hiding behind a desk conjuring up ideas of how he can fit in more time on two wheels. Oh, and he builds stuff around the farm, so he's handy to have around.

Krisann (aka The Girl) loves to cook, sew, and make things from scratch. Luckily, The Boy tolerates "trial and error" well because she's constantly attempting to create things. When she isn't making a mess in the kitchen, or playing with the chickens, or teaching the donkey tricks, she earns a paycheck dealing with the chaos of a busy emergency room at a big local hospital.