The Chicken Woman's Place

Me and Molly my Standard Black Cochin​
Welcome to my page! I am called 'chicken woman' by a lot af my friends, and even some of the neighbors. I had chickens and ducks as a teenager, and then last year I put in an order with a friend for 6 standard cochins and 6 partridge rocks. I chose the breeds for their broodieness, and the old fashioned abilities they both have. I also just loved the cochins fluffyness!
Last winter, we got out first eggs, and also realized Oosey the PR rooster was evilhearted, and hated children. After butchering him, I realized I wanted more Partridge Rocks, so I started saving eggs, and ordered an incubator! I got three PR roos and four PR hens from that baatch of eggs, and also made enough money selling chicks to pay for my chick started for two months!
I started ordering eggs, and incubating more of my own, and I also bought 6 RIR chicks. I went from wanting twelve hens to having (currently) around 65 chickens and chicks!
I plan on keeping and breeding Partridge Rocks, Black cochin, Rhode Island Reds, and mixed banties. My DD and DS also fell in love with Polish, so we now have 6 of them in the brooder too! I am not breeding show stock, just utility birds, for laying and meat.
I also have a wonderful trick driving husband, who drives grain locally, so he is home every night. We have three children, Hailey, 4, Caiden, 3 and Abby, 1.​

Henry and Molly

A group of the girls
Partridge rock, black cochin, buff cochin, black cochin

Part of my first hatch, three PRs and one mixed chick

Partridge Rock hen

Molly and her first batch of chicks, at less then one year old!

She has since had a second batch this year, all of which were adopted from the incubator. 9 babies the first time, 19 the second!

Coach, the RIR cockeral at 16 weeks

My 4 yr old DD named him, I have no idea...

Oosey the second at 16 weeks
Hopefully he's friendlier then his dad! He has such long legs, it is so funny to see him run. I just love PR roosters!

Duke, Keeper of the Flock
Since we move here, we have had around 80 chickens and chicks outside, in box brooder and open coop, free ranging. I never shut them in at night. 80 chickens, 9 months, no losses. GOOD DOG!

RIR pullet at the Communal water bucket
Even though they have a waterer in the chicken yard, they all drink out of the dog bucket!

RIR and PR pullets, 16 weeks old.
The PR is in the middle. Yummy dog water again!​
Thanks for visiting my page!