Buff Laced Brahmas from Red Rooster Farm WA
Keeping the Breed Alive!!


My Blue Laced Red Wyandotte from PAULS POULTRY in Florida

Working on the Mille Fluer Bantam Cochin Project, My Rooster Mike Posner. From DONNA LAMB in Groveland, MA​

Autumn Mille Fluer Bantam Cochin Hen

If you want to check out my Chickens and my website its WWW.ASHLEYSCHICKENS.COM

I breed Mille Fluer Bantam Cochins, Dark Brahmas, Splash Bantam Cochins, Mixed Breeds, Buff Laced Brahmas in 2012
I raise Pullets and bantams for those who wish to just have some nice backyard chickens for eggs or just ornamental pieces for there enjoyment.
Then they dont have to go through the stages of having to get them to 8 weeks.
My pullets are usually from Hatcheries, unless I hatch my own.