Let me introduce you to my animal family. (pictures will be updated as they are taken )
First my BIRD family
Hemera (Easter Egger Pullet)
Hemera is a EE pullet that I bought at a feed store on April 26, 2010.
She seemed about a week old when I got her. The first picture is from when i first got her. The next two pictures are from when she's about 7 weeks old and free ranging on June 5, 2010.
She is named after the Greek Mythology Personification of day because she is such a bright and energetic chick.
She is a sweetie and loves to jump on my shoulder or my arm. She also loves to scare my dog Mickey and chase him around for the fun of it. Her favorite pastime seems to be jumping on him while he's sleeping and running after him when he freaks out. She is also the first of anyone to find any treats and runs away with it as fast as possible.

TahJo (Modern Game Bantam Pullet)


TahJo was bought also on April 26, 2010 at a feed store from the bantam straight run box. With the help of the BYC members her breed has been determined to be Modern Game Bantam. She seemed only days old when i got her (1st picture) so she's still a bit young to be sexed. But so far with the development of her comb i'm hoping she is a pullet. The second picture was taken around when she is 7 weeks old on June 5, 2010
Tahjo is the Korean word for Ostrich. When she was very young she stood up very straight and had such thin long legs with a short round body that she seemed to look like an ostrich hence her name.
Unlike what I expected she isn't very flighty and will tolerate me petting her. She also loves to roost more than any of the other chicks. Her personality is very passive and at many times she will be pushed around by the other chicks. Yet no matter how much she's pecked or stepped on she ignores it and goes back to whatever she was doing. She also has the most adventurous spirit and although other chicks will cry when left by themselves she will go off by herself to explore many times.

Iwa (Barred Rock Pullet)
Iwa is a Barred Rock Pullet bought from a feed store on April 26, 2010. She seemed only couple days old when i got her and the first picture was taken at this time. The second and third pictures were taken when she was around 7 weeks old on June 5, 2010.
Iwa means rock in Japanese and since she is a Barred ROCK i named her so.
She along with Tahjo is very passive. Except unlike Tahjo she is a big scaredy cat. Although she is one of the bigger chicks she gets spooked easily and doesn't like it as much when i hold her. she is willing to roost on my fingers at times but she does run away when my hand comes close. However once she gets used to it she will relax and start laying around.

Poe (Japanese Bantam Cockerel)
Poe was bought from the straight run bantam box at a feed store on April 26, 2010. He also only seemed a couple days old at the time (1st picture). Thanks to the help of the BYC members Poe was determined to be a Japanese Bantam with his adorable short legs.

Poe was named by my brother who felt that Poe as a chick looked like a little raven. Also he was constantly crying. Being reminded of the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven, he named the little chick after the famous writer and poet.
Poe is the loudest out of all the 5 chicks that i got that day. He loves making a big fuss out of everything and loves pecking at things too. Out of the chicks he is the biggest baby crying over everything and running away the fastest. Yet he is the sweetest and will come running to you and best for treats. He will let you pick him up and he likes lying around. He loves stealing the buggy treats that Hemera finds first and running away. Due to his rapid comb development i'm assuming he is a cockerel.

JinJoo (White Silkie Hen)


JinJoo was bought from a fellow BYC member on May 3, 2010. She laid her first egg for me on May 17, 2010. It was a beautiful white egg. However after laying another one she laid an egg with a bloody cord attached to it. Then she stopped laying and hasn't laid an egg since for over 2 weeks.
She is a beautiful show quality white hen who is very passive. She seems to love to be petted and coos when i do. she allows me to hold her and takes treats from my hand. she also likes sleeping on my lap.
I named her JinJoo which is the Korean word for Pearl since she is beautifully white like a pearl.
The second picture is from her bath to keep her nice and white. She did not like that very much.

Ame (Splash Silkie Hen)

Ame was also bought from the same BYC member on May 3, 2010. She laid her first egg for me on May 12, 2010. It was a beautiful cream colored egg. Because she has a single comb she isn't show quality but she does have the most wonderful splash color. she is more active than the white one and loves exploring. she is the most curious and the most adventurous. she also has the fastest eye for treats and is the first to grab and run. She loves waddling every where and it is quite cute to watch.
I named her Ame the japanese word for rain because her splash color is like rain coming down on a cloudy sky.
She went broody on May 23, 2010 and is sitting on 12 eggs. From the eggs i think 2 are JinJoo's before she stopped laying and the rest are hers. I hope some very pretty silkies hatch.
I will get more pictures of her once she's done being broody.

Silkie Roo

This silkie roo was also bought from the same BYC member on May 3, 2010. He is a beautiful black rooster who is very passive for a rooster. When i first got him he didn't like me very much and kept pecking me very lightly. In couple days he has warmed up to me and walks over looking for treats from me and allows me to carry and pet him.
He has a very beautiful but strong voice which he crows early in the morning with.Therefore because i was afraid of noise complaints and losing him i let him sleep in a box set up for him in the garage every night. Every morning when it is somewhat late enough for him to crowing i let him join his girls. He loves his free ranging time especially and loves exploring with JinJoo close by. He seems to favor Ame over Jinjoo.
He is still unnamed since i haven't been able to think of a name that fits him. However I am leaning towards Emerald since he has the most beautiful emerald colored tail feathers.

Karma (Coturnix Quail Roo)
Karma was bought along with two other coturnix quails at a feed store on April 24, 2010. He was bought full grown. However due to him being attacked by another coturnix that also turned out to be a roo he was moved into a separate coop from the other two. The other two was attacked by my husky and eaten due to my father leaving the coop unlocked by mistake. Therefore he became our only surviving quail.
This is where his name came from. I felt like he would feel like it was karma happening to those that bothered him.
He is very loud and crows louder than my silkie roo and constantly. therefore along with the silkie he is confined to the garage at night to avoid noise complaints. He loves dust bathing and sleeping in the corner covered in dust.

Coturnix Quail Chicks X 6

I got these 6 coturnix chicks unsexed on May 10, 2010 from a breeder on craigslist. They are couple colors that she picked out for me. Th e first two pictures is from when i first got them a day old. The second picture shows how tiny they are fitting in a medicine cup. The thirc picture shows them in the coop currently as almost 4 weeks old on June 5, 2010. The coop had flooded due to a sprinkler problem and they are all gathered in the nesting area. They wont be named until i can figure out who is the females since i am not keeping all the roos since i already have one roo and coturnix can kill each other while fighting.
So far i can tell that two of the lighter color ones are male. One of the lighter color ones and one of the darker colors are female. The two darker colors i can't tell since they are too dark for colored breast feathers.

Nature's Hatchery Shipment of Chicks X 27

I ordered 27 chicks from Nature's Hatchery in March. They were shipped out on May 24, 2010 and i received them the very next day. All the chicks were alive and very healthy. I split a shipment with two other families but one of the families couldn't take their chicks therefore i ended up keeping the two they had ordered. The other family came and took 12 of the chicks they have ordered and i ended up with 15 chicks. The next 15 chicks are from that shipment and will be updated as names are given and pictures are taken.

Chocobo (White Leghorn Pullet)
Chocobo is a white leghorn pullet born on May 24, 2010 and on of the 15 birds from Nature's Hatchery. She is the first of the 15 to receive her name.
She was named by a friend after the Chocobo from the Final Fantasy game series. He felt she looked like the golden Chocobo from the games.
She is so far living up to her leghorn name and is the flightiest out of the bunch of chicks. She also gets scared the easiest and will cry the loudest when separated from the other group of chicks.
She will grow up to be the only white egg layer from my group of chicks.

(Easter Egger Pullet x2 & Cockerel)
(Rhode Island Red Pullet & Cockerel)
(Barred Rock Pullet)
(Red Sex Link Pullet x 2)
(Black Sex Link Pullet x2)
(Gold Sex Link Pullet)
(Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullet)
(Black Australop Pullet x2)

(Golden Laced Wyandotte Pullet)
This golden laced Wyandotte is not part of the shipment of chicks from Nature's Hatchery. I had wanted a GLW but Nature's Hatchery was sold out at the time. around when my chicks were one week old i stopped by the feed store to pick up a new waterer. That's when i saw that they had GLW chicks for sale. They looked about a year old a perfect match with my own chicks. I bought one and added her to my Nature's Hatchery ones to make 16 chicks total in the brooder.

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Candy (CKC registered 2.3 Pound Toy Maltese)

Mickey (Pound Rescue Chihuahua Mix)

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BokUh (Orange Tabby Mix Male)

BoongUh (Siamese Mix Female)

SaeWoo (Orange Tabby Tuxedo Mix Female)

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Timmy (Disabled Netherland Dwarf Bunny Female)
Remy (Fancy Grey & White Rat Male)
Chizu (Hairless Rat Male)