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By wayne813 · Oct 15, 2012 · Updated Nov 14, 2012 · ·
  1. wayne813
    Describe 'wayne's swap page' here

    Im so excited to be swapping and i heard about the swap page and decided i wanted to make one i dont have much to offer right now but im going out to get some stuff tomorrow so i wanted to go ahead and set my page up i do have eggs for swap thats it for right now....
    thanks for looking...

    people that owe me... people i owe...spring

    cpl-RIR&RIW,,6 blue isbar
    crazypetlady-6 Amer. black roo over silver hens and blue Wheaton hens mzstre-6blue isbar
    6 creme crested legbars ,,6 russian orlaff kytinpusher-12 blue isbar spring6 jubilee orp
    crfarm-24 splash marans spring,,24 blue copper maran
    tdhenson86-8 buff orps spring cjwaldon-24 blue isbar,6 frosty ee
    cjwaldon12 NJ daloorshen12SFH&12wheatenmaran,6jubileeorps ,12blueisbar 6blue

    bhep-12 SFH
    swindledana-6 blue marans,24 jersey giant,18 buff laced polish countrylife-8 lav.orps spring
    kraftylady-6-SFH,12 blue isbar spring,, 6 tolbunts,6jubilee orps 6sulmtaler

    crfarm-18 blue isbar,,30 jubilee orps
    tdhenson-6 cinn.sussex spring,6 Lavender Orps 2 offers of 6 Coronation Sussex in spring2 sets of 6 Sulmtaler eggs in spring
    sutillman-6 blue isbar spring
    john farmer-6 tolbunts spring
    swindalina-8 lav.orps,,12 tolbunts,18 blue isbar,18 jubilee orps
    juststruttin-12blue isbar,12 tolbunt,18 jubilee orps
    mzstre-12 jubilee orps12 tolbunts
    wvstruttin-6 jubilee orps,6 tolbunts
    overyberyl-12 blue isbar,,12 jubileeorps

    I have cochin eggs all the time straight and frizzle cj1985-12SFH
    6 wheaten maran
    6 sulmtaller
    6 jubilee orps
    bhep-12 jubilee orps
    blue with gold leakage over porcelian
    black over blue

    self blue oegb
    silver duckwing eggs
    copper neck maran side swaps i owe....
    DMRippy-18 ee 6 jubilee orps
    black silkies crfarm-12 isbar eggs,,12isbar chicks
    white blacktailed japanese,black japanese wvstruttin-6 jubilee orps,,6 blue isbar
    rhode island whites
    white show girls
    birchen cochin
    crele oegb
    LF frost blue ee's
    rhode island reds
    russian orloff
    LF langshan

    ill add the rest tomorrow but heres some for now i have alot..... side swaps owe to me....
    crfarm-12 lav,americuanas

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  1. kbell
    Beware of this guy. He is not a trust worthy person!!!!!!
  2. wayne813
    i got u on my note pad cause its sooner...
  3. RedBrush Farm
    Just noticed I was not on the list. You have been BUSY
    I should be on for 6 crele bantam oegb (in a week) #2134 + 6 Crele OEGB #2292
    Also any type of OEGB from side trade for Seramas.
    Billie Sue
  4. wayne813
    u can paypal and i will sell u some...
  5. funnmomm
    hey what do I need to do to get some of your white blacktailed Japanesse.

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