We had a healthy hatch of 8 polands and they have been dying one by one with no obvious cause.

By Rustysflock · Aug 20, 2018 · ·
  1. Rustysflock
    We have had nothing like this happen before. We thought it was because they were wondering away from their heat box so we put a lamp up instead. They were still dying so we have brought them inside with the brooder heat plate. Today another one died. They are eating and drinking so what is going on?

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  1. ronott1
    "Not an article"
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    I hope you find answers!

    this should be a thread on the emergencies forum
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    1. Rustysflock
      Thank you for pointing this out. New to BYC and didnt realise


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  1. Texas Kiki
    I am sorry for you losses.
    What does their poop look like and what is the exact temperature in the brooder under the lamp?
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  2. Yorkshire Coop

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